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Activity tours to the exhibition

Groups are invited to attend an activity-based tour to Rulla’s current exhibition, emphasising functionality and the use of different senses. The tours take you to the world of different art forms experienced through sight, touch and experiments. Depending on the exhibition, activities included may mean crafts, drama, literary arts or dance, just to name a few. Even though the tours include many activities, Rulla’s rules must always be followed in the exhibition space and all exhibition items must be treated with care.

Rullas cultural coordinator presenting photos from the wall to group of children.

Groups must always reserve a tour for the exhibition. Tours for groups are always free of charge.

Reservations for exhibition tours are accepted around one week before the start of the exhibition.

Please note, that group tours are usually in Finnish!


Signing up for the tours

Booking for group tours opens on Thursday 21th of April at 14 via Toivo-booking system.

Catch the Flame group tour can be booked for Mon-Wed.

  • The maximum number of participants per tour is one class (max 25 children) .
  • Groups are expected to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before their own time.
  • Please notify us in advance if the group includes children with special needs.
  • If any problems arise with the sign-up form, please contact Merja Kostamovaara, p. 044 431 4740

    Booking for group tours opens on Thursday 21th of April at 14. Booking

    Sign up tour for one group here >> (Toivo-booking system)
    Sign up tour for several groups here >> (Toivo-booking system)
    Booking only in Finnish.

    If the sign up link does not work, press F5 on your keyboard.


Instructions for the tours

•    Take your shoes off: at Rulla, we walk around wearing just our socks or indoor shoes.
•    Groups are asked to move together and act calmly, even though sometimes you are allowed to get really excited at Rulla, too.
•    Touching exhibition items is prohibited unless explicitly allowed.
•    The teacher/group leader participates on the tour with the group.
Day care and school groups can prepare for the visit by getting to know the topic of the exhibition in advance. For more information, visit the Exhibitions page. In addition, some exhibitions include materials that can be downloaded on this website.

If you are a teacher or work in early childhood education and would like to learn more about Rulla’s group activities, you can subscribe to our mailing list. Once you have subscribed, you will receive information on, for example, booking an exhibition tour. Send your information to Coordinator Merja Kostamovaara, merja.kostamovaara@tampere.fi