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Where the wind blows? - Exhibition about Weather Conditions


Tiny Little Bugs


The Path of Senses - Explore, play, feel


Metsänpeitto - The Magical Forest

Exhibition Tells Stories of Mythical Forests               


Catch the Flame 9.4.-23.6.

In the Catch the Flame exhibition you can learn about fire safety, how the fire alarm works and what to do in an emergency situation. Little visitors get to pose as firefighters, find a way out of the exit maze, or sit on a fire truck.

Learn about safety, catch the flame!

The exhibition´s goal is to teach children how to notice dangerous situations. In fire safety, prevention and planning are important and you can easily practice various situations with the children through play.

The exhibition is recommended for children aged 4-10. The exhibition is also suitable for special groups.

Production Children's Cultural Centre Rulla together with Pirkanmaa Rescue Department

Where the wind blows? - Exhibition about Weather Conditions 8.1.-27.3.2022

Child with a sunhat.

In the multisensory exhibition you can explore the sun shine, listen to the raindrops and feel the wind in your face. In the exhibition you can also play in the glow of a rainbow. The participatory exhibition rises awareness about different weather conditions and impacts of the climate change. The exhibition is for all age groups.

Where the Wind Blows? exhibition is designed by art educators Sarina Pulkka and Laura Kauppinen from ARX and the artist Maarja Pihl-Bagdonas. Exhibition technics producer Juuso Suuronen and the working group.


Tiny Little Bugs 14.8.-3.10.2021

Two little tiny bugs made by children haning on the grass.

Rulla's exhibition room will transfer to a land of bugs and there will be lots of things to admire and marvel at. In the exhibition visitors can e.g. greet to a royal spider, look at the bugs glowing in the dark, or see what kind of little beetles and bugs are flying on the meadow. In addition our Estradi-room will transfer to a Cockroach theatre where everyone can disguise themselves as a bug! The exhibition will be increased throughout the exhibition, as all visitors to Rulla will be able to make their own bug to the exhibition!

Production: Children's Cultural Centre Rulla

The Path of Senses - Explore, play, feel 14.10.-12.12.2021

Little child is painting with a brush.

The Path of Senses is a space that creates a possibility of interaction between a child and an adult. The Path is divided into four color spaces, originally conceived of the seasons. Stimulating materials—previously used, for instance, at experiential color workshops—have been placed along The Path. It provides babies and toddlers with experiences of different surfaces, feels, materials, and colors. Lots of things that are familiar to grownups are amazing and interesting to a child.

Planning and implementation:
Heli Arvilommi

City of Vantaa Cultural Services / Children's Culture

Metsänpeitto -The magical forest

Rulla’s activity-based touring exhibition tells the stories of the mythical Finnish forest.

Group of children watching pond-animation, which is reflected on the floor at Metsänpeitto exhibition.

The exhibition is based on Finnish folklore. It focuses on the theme of how people used to view and experience the world around them. With the stories, the exhibition aims to encourage everybody to play and use their imagination in the forest. At first, the forest is just a regular forest. However, when you look more closely, you will see that it is actually inhabited by different animals and mythical creatures.

At the exhibition, visitors turn into forest dwellers, and they are allowed to enter the metsänpeitto, the secret world of spirits and  fairies.
The visitors will get to see the ancient world tree that holds up the sky, cross a marshland on some duckboards, and take a break on the moss-covered stones by the forest pond. The visitors can also visit the cave of the old bear, catching a glimpse of the starry sky, enjoying a warm fire and listening to the owls hooting quietly in the night. You might also spot some of the forest’s secret inhabitants: the  fairies, trolls and gnomes.

The exhibition aims to awaken children’s curiosity towards nature and encourage them to think about what nature means to humans. The stories at the exhibition will stir children’s interest towards tradition, old tales and history. At the same time, the exhibition encourages them to use their imagination and explore the forest. The exhibition brings children, families and school groups to think about what it means to be Finnish and what forests have meant to us historically and what they mean to us today and in the future.

The Metsänpeitto exhibition participates in the  Finland 100 anniversary programme by celebrating Finland’s ancient relationship with nature.

Take a look at Metsänpeitto > (Youtube)

Materials in finnish:
Materials for teachers > (Pdf)
List of books > (Pdf)