Lastenkulttuurikeskus Rulla

Culture House Laikku
Keskustori 4,
33100 Tampere
+358 40 824 9118

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Opening hours

Rulla is closed for the time being


Rulla is a colourful and inspiring children’s cultural centre in the heart of Tampere. At Rulla, children can find their inner artist, present their works and participate in different fun events and workshops. The changing children’s exhibitions present different art forms and themes. In the permanent adventure room, even the smallest visitors can enjoy different atmospheres.Rulla is managed by the city of Tampere Cultural Affairs. Entrance is free of charge, and an instructor is always present for both groups and individual visitors.

Rulla’s values
EXPERIENCES: Experiences can be gained through both art and participating in activities yourself.
MULTIDISCIPLINARITY: Rulla aims to blur the borders between different art forms and encourage children to explore them. What does blue sound like? What kind of story does a picture tell?
ACTIVITY: We want to support the children’s own activity in every way we can. Rulla is a perfect place for letting your imagination run!


Jungle Jungle

When a hot air balloon hat gets lost in the lost kingdom, new and unknown creatures and vegetation is found.

As carnivorous plants snatch up insects for food, you can hide in a giant plant or try metamorphosing, pupating and hatching. Father’s T-shirt still has a familiar scent, as it safeguards the journey within a chequered bag.

This is the fourth playful and playable exhibition designed and built by Piipa Toivonen who graduated from Turku Arts Academy in 2001. Children and other playful persons are invited to experience the exhibition and activate their senses.

Exhibition is open 11.1.–21.3.
Wed 12–18
Thu 12–14
Fri 9–14
Sat–Sun 10–16