Lastenkulttuurikeskus Rulla

Hatanpään valtatie 7
(bus station building)
33100 Tampere
+358 40 824 9118

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Group tours or group visits are not organized in the autumn 2020.

Opening hours

Wed 9–18
Thu–Fri 9–14
Sat–Sun 10–16

Instructions for a safe visit > (pdf)


Rulla is a colourful and inspiring children’s cultural centre in the heart of Tampere. At Rulla, children can find their inner artist, present their works and participate in different fun events and workshops. The changing children’s exhibitions present different art forms and themes. In the permanent adventure room, even the smallest visitors can enjoy different atmospheres.Rulla is managed by the city of Tampere Cultural Affairs. Entrance is free of charge, and an instructor is always present for both groups and individual visitors.

Rulla’s values

EXPERIENCES: Experiences can be gained through both art and participating in activities yourself.
MULTIDISCIPLINARITY: Rulla aims to blur the borders between different art forms and encourage children to explore them. What does blue sound like? What kind of story does a picture tell?
ACTIVITY: We want to support the children’s own activity in every way we can. Rulla is a perfect place for letting your imagination run!


Child is painting on the wall with watercolours. The wall is covered with paeper.

Rulla celebrates 15th birthday in November!

Rulla turns 15 in Noveber. The teenager celebrates birthday throughout November with a wide variety of programs. Join the party and choose your own program!

There will be a virtual performance by Maltti and Valtti, a childrens concert by Höpinätötterö, a baby and toddler theater, a birthday workshop in Rulla and much more! See more detailed program (in Finnish) here >

Registration for the Rulla's Family Club and Art Hours

Family Club

The family club is full of play. Children can play and parents can meet each other. The family club is a themed club for children under school age and their parents.

Register for the family club here > (registration for the familyclub at 1th December opens at 25th November, registration form only in Finnish)

Art hour

In Rulla´s art hour you can try various art techniques and do artworks or handicrafts. Art classes will introduce you to different art techniques.
Five-year-olds and older can attend classes independently.

Register for art hour here > (registration for the art hour at 28th November opens at 18th November, registration form only in Finnish) ART HOUR IS FULL!

Safe visit to Rulla

This is how to visit Rulla safely:

• Come to Rulla completely healthy.
• Always cough on your sleeve or handkerchief and be sure to wash / disinfect your hands several times during your visit.
• Remember to keep a safe distance from other people.
• According to THL the use of facemasks is recommended in public spaces and events where close contacts cannot always be avoided.

We care about safety:

• We limit the number of audiences involved, maximum of 30 people at a time.
• We make sure that hand disinfectant is always available.
• We take care of the cleaning of workshop equipment, premises and surfaces.
• We actively follow the instructions of the authorities.

Instructions for a safe visit > (Pdf)

Rulla character partying with balloons and confetti.

Rulla character with artwork made by children.