Organising events for Laikunlava and the park of the old library

Renovated in spring 2018, the Laikunlava stage offers an impressive location for different outdoor events. The area is available for use free of charge. The stage comes with electricity, general lights and a simple sound system as well as dressing and toilet facilities for the performers. The fixed rows of seats in front of the Laikunlava stage offer space for an audience of some 300 people, and there is plenty of free space on the lawn and around the park. The facilities of Culture House Laikku, located right next to the stage, can also be used in events organised in the park.

Event organisers are themselves responsible for ensuring security and cleanliness at their event, and they must take care of all the required notifications to authorities. For more information, contact the customer service and producers at Culture House Laikku. In addition to the stage and the audience, you can book another part of the park or the area in front of the cultural house. With Laikku’s seat pads, the stairs of the house can be used to as ascending seating.

Performers may also bring their performers to the stage as part of the Park Concert series. See for futher information. Applications are accepted annually in February.

Picking up keys for Laikunlava stage

Activities on the Laikunlava are managed by Culture House Laikku. You can pick up the key to the stage’s dressing facilities on the day before your event at the Culture House Laikku customer service (building in front of the stage, address Keskustori 4) during the house’s opening hours.

Submitting the event to the programme

After booking a facility, event organisers must provide their event’s information to Laikunlava’s programme using the electronic form. The complete programme will be displayed on Laikku’s notification board and website, and some events will be highlighted in its social media channels.

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