Rulla Art Hour: Sound Art

12.2.2022 | 09:00 Organizer: Lastenkulttuurikeskus RullaPlace: Children's Cultural Centre Rulla


In Rulla Art Hour we create sound art. Sound art can be seen as immaterial type of art.

Due to the interest we offer two Art Hours at 12th of February:
at 9-10 am with teaching in both English and Finnish
at 3-4 pm with teaching in Finnish

There is advance registration for the Art Hour at Rulla's website.

NOTE! Due to an order of the Regional State Administrative Agency of Western Finland only children can attend to the Art Hour. The Art Hour is oriented for five-year-olds and older.

Art hours in the Spring 2022 on Saturdays of even weeks:
29.1. at 9-10 am.
12.2. at 9-10 am and 3-4 pm.
26.2. at 9-10 am and 3-4 pm.
12.3. at 9-10 am. and 3-4 pm
26.3. at 9-10 am. and 3-4 pm
9.4. at 9-10 am. and 3-4 pm
23.4. at 9-10 am. and 3-4 pm
7.5. at 9-10 am. and 3-4 pm
21.5. at 9-10 am.


Rulla takes part in Eco-Schools (Green Flag) programme during Autumn 2021 and Spring 2022. Eco-Schools is the world's largest sustainable schools programme and it empowers children to drive change and improve their environmental awareness. The programme is integrated into Rulla┬┤s Art Hours and we look into the environmental thematics through the lens of visual and contemporary art.

Free entrance

Rulla Art Hour: Sound Art