Rulla's Family Club: Winter dance workshop/ Outside!

27.1.2022 | 09:00 Organizer: Lastenkulttuurikeskus RullaPlace: Children's Cultural Centre Rulla


Today’s family club’s workshop has a winter theme. What can you do in the winter? Due to an order of the Regional State Administrative Agency of Western Finland the workshop is held outside, in the Rulla frontyard. The workshop starts at 9.30 am in front of Rulla´s main doors!
In case of bad weather conditions the workshop might be cancelled.

Instructor: dance teacher, psych. nurse, cultural well-being professional Niina Manninen
We offer coffee and bisquits outside in winter spirit!
Rulla is open during the Family club with the amount of visitors limited to 40 persons at a time.

On Thursday mornings The Family Club is full of play. Children can play and parents can meet each other.
The Family Club is a themed club for children under school age and their parents. The program is built around different themes, such as seasons and holidays, and also according to the wishes of families. The program includes, for example, music, fairy tales, play, visitors and a small workshop for kids.

There is no family club during the winter holiday week 9.

Changes are possible.

Not for groups.


Free entrance

Rulla's Family Club: Winter dance workshop/ Outside!