Rulla´s Art Hour: Transparent Work of Art

8.5.2021 | 09:00 Organizer: Lastenkulttuurikeskus RullaPlace: Children's Cultural Centre Rulla


On the last Art Hour of this Spring we work with creating a transparent work of art. The works will be shown in Rulla´s window as an exhibition between 8th of May and 23rd of May. The exhibition is part of Children´s Cultural Festival.

We give three separate Art Hours: 9-10 am in English, 11-noon in Finnish and 1-2 pm in Finnish.

There is advanced registration on Rulla´s website. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions only children can attent the Art Hour this time.

We are currently located at Hatanpään valtatie 7, in the bus station building.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please take part only if you are fully healthy.
We take care of hygiene during the art hour, maintaining the physical distancing as well as cleaning the art equipment.

Art hours in the springtime 2021 on Saturdays of even weeks:
30.1. at 9-10
13.2. at 9-10
27.2. at 9-10
13.3. at 9-10
27.3. at 9-10
10.4. at 9-10
24.4. at 9-10
8.5. at 9-10

Changes are possible. We actively follow the instructions of the authorities and inform about changing situations as soon as possible.


Free entrance, Advance registration

Rulla´s Art Hour: Transparent Work of Art